• 1924-cardonnay

US 1924 Scotch Barrel Aged Chardonnay California



ALC: 14.5%

For this 1924 blend we hang the Chardonnay grapes on the vine until optimal ripeness based on a combination of winemaker evaluation, vineyard condition and an eye on weather. 

Picking happens when the Chardonnay grapes turn golden, and their sugars have reached their peak to ensure a full palate overflowing with ripe fruit flavors and modestly high alcohol levels. 

AGING: Once the wine is made, it is aged in oak to a give it a rich style with a complex structure and finesse. 

PAIRING: Golden in color with rich and creamy flavors of vanilla, honey, and butterscotch. Enjoy this with a baked chicken, seafood risotto, and grilled salmon.



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