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SP Barcelona GinRAW Gastronomic Gin


ALC:  42.3%


ORIGIN:  Barcelona Spain

Avant-garde gin for lovers of natural, traditional and artisan products.Thanks to the exclusive selection of its botanicals and its clearly differentiated distillation process, the result is a unique and incomparable product.

The exquisite gastronomy and culinary culture of our land defines the essence of this gin. In an exercise of overcoming challenges, the result is a rich range of notes, brushstrokes and nuances. We distill the purest ingredients at low temperature using Rotaval@, a tool developed by haute cuisine with the most innovative technology. 

This way we preserve the aromas, maintaining the freshness of the ingredients and achieving the most delicate essences.

Defining a forceful character and a sublime personality is fundamental. We combine fresh Mediterrancan notes (lemon, cedrat and laurel) with exotic spices (kaffir lime leaves, black cardamom seeds and coriander). The essences blended in their right proportion with juniper distillate define the aromatic character and unique personality of GINRAW.

TASTING NOTES FROM 'MASTER OF MALT'Ginraw comes to us all the way from Barcelona, created by a pair of entrepreneurs with the help of four masters in their craft: a chef, a sommelier, a mixologist and a perfumer. 

The use low-temperature distillation to preserve the flavours and aromas of their botanicals, which include kaffir lime leave, lemon, citron, cardamom, coriander and laurel.

Nose: Juniper-forward, with fresh pine and peppercorn up front. Lime zest and coriander in the background.

Palate: Herbaceous, leafy and somewhat savoury at first, before further waves of fresh citrus roll in on the palate.

Finish: Freshly crushed cardamom seed notes bring a prickly heat to the finish.

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