• Graf-Johann-IV-Riesling-Trocken

GE Graf Johann IV Riesling Trocken (dry)


Graf (Count) Johann IV von Katzenelenbogen was one of the founders of the success of the Riesling grape variety. In 1435, at his behest, vines of a then new, white variety called Riesling were planted.

The grapes for its production are grown on shale and alluvial soils located on the banks of the Rhine, under the influence of a mild, almost Mediterranean climate. 

The wine-making traditions of the region were laid in the monastic farms in the early Middle Ages.

The wine is named in honor of Count Rheingau – Johann IV Katzelenebogen, who in 1435 ordered to plant 22 vines of a new grape variety in one of his vineyards. The name of the new variety was Riesling. 

So Johann IV inscribed his name in the history of the greatest white grapes, and his possessions in the Rheingau are still called the “Riesling’s cradle”.

VARIETALS 100% Riesling


TECHNICAL DATA Alcohol 11.5%

APPEARANCE Pale golden straw color.

NOSE Fresh citrus notes of lime, lemon and orange zest in the aroma of wine are interwoven with hints of minerals and green apple.

PALATE The wine has a balanced, generous taste with hints of citrus and white fruit, and an invigorating refreshing acidity. Refined minerality in the aftertaste.

PAIRING This wine blends perfectly with light dishes, stewed fish and poultry, vegetables such as asparagus and fruit desserts.



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